Basiles Ketas Winery in Lampsista

Basiles Ketas Winery in Lampsista

Certified Biological wines from Zitsa area A visit to the winery of Basiles Ketas in Lampsista, 15′ away from central Zagori, right after the harvesting of the wine grapes from his vineyards in Zitsa. Stay posted, more about this winery soon!

The owl has landed …

First day with the wood stove lit as the temperature drops to usual autumn levels …

Today’s colour in Zagori is red!

Today's colour in Zagori is red!

It is the beginning of October and foliage is on it’s way. Some hints are these red forest fruit and leaves. Crabapples   Rosa canina or dog roses   Crataegus or Howthorn Unknown (to me) red wild mushroom

About wild mushrooms. A gathering at Anemi Guesthouse in Kato Pedina

About wild mushrooms. A gathering at Anemi Guesthouse in Kato Pedina

A beautiful day at Anemi Cottage Inn dedicated to wild mushrooms with mushroom expert, among other… tasty things, Basilis Paparounas. Everything from collecting, drying, storing and cooking wild mushrooms was discussed. After the discussion, various dishes such as wild mushroom pies, tzatziki with amanita caesarea, pasta with assorted…

Boletus portraits

Boletus portraits, Zagori, Greece

Autumn is the best season for hunting and taking photos of boletus mushrooms in the National Park of Pindus around Zagori. They come in different shapes, colours and sizes and no two are the same…

Two tsipouro distillations in one day!

Two tsipouro distillations in one day!

I. The learned version: empirical knowledge gathered from fathers & grandfathers mated to the modern theories The official government seal that grants permission to the owner of the still to distill tsipouro for a few precious days every year! Emptying the still from the remaining grapes…

Autumn colours

Autumn colours in Zagori

Autumn has arrived for good in Zagori and it is a matter of a few weeks before the foliage peaks. A walk through the woods rewarded us with colours but not only …

… And gathering swallows twitter in the skies

The swallows gathered this morning outside my window in Zagori in anticipation of their southbound trip towards their warmer second home

How beautiful the season is now—How fine the air. A temperate sharpness about it. Really, without joking, chaste weather—Dian skies—I never liked stubble-fields so much as now—Aye better than the chilly green of the spring. Somehow, a stubble-field looks warm—in the same way that…

Crocus olivieri

Crocus olivieri wild flowers in the Zagori region Greece

Crocus olivieri is a fall wild flower in the area of Zagori of the genus Crocus (family Iridaceae).

Truffle hunting in Zagori

Truffle hunting in Zagori Greece

The day started with fog and drizzle but turned out to a be dry one with beautiful autumn colours and clouds. After talking to Katerina over the phone the meeting was set for eastern Zagori where Christos and the three hunting dogs were waiting…