Anemi Guesthouse Agrotourism

ANEMI GUESTHOUSE - AGROTOURISM | ZAGORI, PINDUSAnemi Guesthouse Agrotourism is a renovated old cottage, and farm, with 7 guest rooms for your accommodation and a jazz restaurant-bar overlooking the highlands of Pedina [or Soudena as it is locally referred to] in the Zagorochoria. A region with immense natural beauty and unique stone built villages with centuries old cobble treks.

The rooms of the Guesthouse in Kato Pedina, Epirus, Greece, are cozy and inviting that will lift your spiritsAnemi Guesthouse has three floors where the 7 rooms are.
On the ground floor there are two guest rooms. That is where the family’s farm animals were kept in the past.
On the first floor there are three more rooms, all painted in colour retaining the old houses colour coding: green, blue and yellow.
Finally on the second and last floor, having their own private veranda, there are two more rooms for your spacious accommodation.

Each one of Anemi’s rooms is not only comfortable and with traditional Zagori ambiance but also unique, turning your accommodation in Zagori (also known as Zagorohoria) to a memorable experience!
All rooms of this traditional guesthouse offer a fireplace, free WiFi and sweet Coco-mat sleep!

Accommodation with the traditional ambiance of the Zagori region in EpirusThe main entrance of Anemi Jazz Bar in Zagorochoria, GreeceThe porch at the hotel in Pedina village overlooking the plateau of Soudena in Zagori Time for cooking in the open kitchen for all guests of the hotel A bowl of delicious traditional Greek bean soup accompanied by chili peppers. A typical plate up in the mountains of Pindus for the guests of the hotels and taverns External view of the guesthouse Anemi in the traditional village of Kato Pedina. The village is located at the centre of Zagori, close to the villages Aristi, Elafotopos, Ano Pedina, Monodendri, Vitsa The handmade knit made by the guests of the hotel in the free to use loom on the loft of the restaurant-bar of the inn in Kato PedinaLearn to use the traditional wooden loom in the ambiance of Anemi in Zagori and how various countryside works could fit in in our contemporary lifestyle through the seminars offered in the hotelTime for a warm cup of coffee by the fireplace. The place is Anemi Guesthouse-Agrotourism in the Zagorohoria region
The cob wood fired oven for the pizza days in the Hotel Anemi in K. Pedina village, Central ZagoriMagereio (the Guesthouse kitchen) is the soul of Anemi, as was always the kitchen of the house.

The oven, the wood fired stove and the open plan kitchen that welcomes the guests, are the reasons why in Anemi they cook delicious plates for their valued guests!
In the place of the old hand made wood oven, a new one was built according to the Cob building technique, that is with natural materials, clay, earth, straw.The fireplace in the main sitting area of the Jazz bar-restaurant Anemi in Pindus, Epirus, Greece


Pavlos and Lila

Kato Pedina, Zagori, Ioannina
Τ. +30 26530 72003
M. +30 6944 412808