Blackberry picking season in the mountains of Epirus

Greek: βατόμουρα

Βlackberry marmalade, Zagorochoria GreeceA purply black-coloured berry comprising many individual seed-containing fruits surrounding a cone-shaped core. Wonderfully juicy, they’re good raw (straight from the hedge!) or cooked and are bursting with vitamin C. Wild, they’re often called brambles meaning any impenetrable scrub. Sometimes called the “Cabernet of Berries” for their earthy, wine-like taste; they’re rich in fiber and antioxidants, making them the perfect addition to your diet.

Blackberries in the Zagori region of Epirus

Bowl of freshly picked blackberries from the forests of Zagori in Pindus mountain rangeWhen to pick

Blackberries in the Zagori area of North-Western Greece get ripe around mid-end of September weather permitting

The ones to pick…

The plump, shiny, tender berries, with none that are mushy or mouldy, are the ones to pick. Make sure when putting them in the punnet not to strain the lower level of the berries as they will be crushed.

How to eat the blackberries

On the spot…, also, fresh plain or mixed with yogurt and honey for a tasty snack, as a marmalade

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