An Autumn trip to the colourful beech trees under Tsouka Rossa Mt. peak

An Autumn trip to the colourful beech trees under Tsouka Rossa mountain peak in Pindus

More snow in Zagori

Tsouka rossa peak above Brysochori village in Zagori, Greece

Some more pictures with the snow covered landscape in the Zagori region. The above peak is Tsouka Rossa above the villages of Heliochori & Brysochori.

Natural beauties of Greece

Holy Monastery of Iviron or Iveron, an Eastern Orthodox monastery at the monastic state of Mount Athos in Greece

Greece is a very diverse land full of surprises. Most of Greece consists of mountains, making our country one of the most mountainous in Europe. Mount Olympus, the mythical abode of the Greek Gods, culminates at Mytikas peak 2,917 m (9,570 ft), the highest in…

Perama cave, Ioannina

Perama cave, Ioannina

Perama cave, one of the most important caves in the world, belongs to the horizontal caves according to its morphology – geometric structure with a length of about 1 km and was created 1.500.000 years ago in the interior of Goritsa hill, exactly above the village…

Spelaeology in Zagori, Greece

The Zagori area, among it's natural attractions, offers a variety of vertical caves and precipices some of which are found in the area around the village of Papingo, which lies near Gamila and Astraka peaks of Mt. Tymfi.

Explore the caves in the area of the National Park of Vikos-Aoos with the experienced and certified cave guide Manolis Diamantopoulos.. .. The Zagori area, among it’s natural attractions, offers a variety of vertical caves-gulches and precipices some of which are found in the area…

Winter colours in Epirus, Greece

A leaf in a frozen creek in Zagorochoria region, Greece

Winter can be very harsh in these parts of Northern Greece, both for fauna and people. One thing is for sure though, no matter how tough the weather is the colours of nature are, as expected, spectacular… Pastel tones of light blue, azure, brown,…

Hiking in Tymphe (Tymfi) Mt., Greece

Drakolimni lake at Mt. Tymphe in Vikos-Aoos National Park in Greece

One of the most popular hiking destinations of Greece is Mt. Tymphe (Tymfi) which is located in the region of Zagori, in the National Park of Vikos-Aoos in Epirus. Its slopes are covered by cedar, beech and oak forests at lower altitudes and pines…

Why go trekking in Zagori Greece?

Old cobble path in the Zagori region, Northern Greece

* The diverse mosaic of forest types, the breathtaking landscapes, the more than 1000 species of plants, herbs, trees, some of them endemic to the area * You will encounter a large variety of wild animals such as the brown bear, the wolf, the…

Snow covered roofs

Snow covered church in Kato Pedina traditional stone village in the Zagori region in Greece

Snow in these parts of Greece during winter months is quite often but occasionally it may snow a bit more than normal as some pictures below may suggest. Temperatures in the Zagori region of Epirus, at the National Park of Vikos-Aoos, may drop, not…

Snow rackets

Snowshoeing in Pindus mountains in North Western Greece

Snowshoeing in the snow white treks of the National Park of Valia Calda & Vikos-Aoos in winter Greece. Get to know the other side of Greece with the assured guidance of the certified trek guide Manolis Diamantopoulos for a unique experience. A snow racket…