Crossing Vikos gorge on a sunny spring day!

Crossing Vikos gorge on a sunny spring day!

With Georgia ( as our expert guide in Vikos-Aoos Geopark, the crossing of the gorge was more than a walk. It was a trip back to time! Quite back actually, when ice ruled the area! Some literature regarding the Geopark (source: European Geoparks Network): Vikos- Aoos…

Natural beauties of Greece

Holy Monastery of Iviron or Iveron, an Eastern Orthodox monastery at the monastic state of Mount Athos in Greece

Greece is a very diverse land full of surprises. Most of Greece consists of mountains, making our country one of the most mountainous in Europe. Mount Olympus, the mythical abode of the Greek Gods, culminates at Mytikas peak 2,917 m (9,570 ft), the highest in…

Winter colours in Epirus, Greece

A leaf in a frozen creek in Zagorochoria region, Greece

Winter can be very harsh in these parts of Northern Greece, both for fauna and people. One thing is for sure though, no matter how tough the weather is the colours of nature are, as expected, spectacular… Pastel tones of light blue, azure, brown,…

Bears in Pindos, Greece

Brown bears in their natural habitat in Northern greece

Brown bear distribution range in Greece comprises 2 distinct nuclei of unequal size, covering a total of about 11,000 km², and seems to have stabilized for the last 20 years after dramatic regression in the 19th century. The study area for the ecological analysis…

Vegetation zones in the National Parks of Pindos

Pinus nigra forest in the Ecoregion of Pindus, Greece

The Pindus Ecoregion (National Parks of Vikos-Aoos and Valia Calda) covers a wide range of elevations and habitats, from deep canyons to steep mountains. This wide range in altitude results in four major forest zones: A conifer zone, with trees such as a subspecies of…

Wildflower photos

Wild flowers of Pindos Mt. range in Greece

Greece constitutes the lower edge of the Balkan Peninsula and is characterized both by its mountainous relief and its multitude of islands. Its modern form evolved over the last 10 million years with the sinking of some parts of Aegaeis and the uplifting of others…

Foliage in the mountains of Zagori

A red crabapple leaf under the blue skies of Zagori in fall 2013

The melting of hues from green, to yellow, to burnt orange and reds begins as early as mid-October in the region of Central Zagori in Epirus. The actual process of change in the forests of Zagori begins in October and as the warm weather wanes the…

Why go trekking in Zagori Greece?

Old cobble path in the Zagori region, Northern Greece

* The diverse mosaic of forest types, the breathtaking landscapes, the more than 1000 species of plants, herbs, trees, some of them endemic to the area * You will encounter a large variety of wild animals such as the brown bear, the wolf, the…

Pindus National Park

Flega lakes in Valia Calda, Pindus

Pindus National Park (Greek: Εθνικός Δρυμός Πίνδου Ethnikós Drymós Píndou), also known as Valia-Kalda, is a national park in mainland Greece, situated in an isolated mountainous area at the periphery of West Macedonia and Epirus, in the northeastern part of the Pindus mountain range….

Vikos Gorge

Voidomatis river running through the Gorge of Vikos in the National Park of Vikos-Aoos in Greece

The Vikos Gorge (Greek: Φαράγγι του Βίκου) is a gorge in the Pindus Mountains of northern Greece. It lies on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfi, with a length of about 20 km, depth ranging from 450 m to 1600 m and width from…