Traditional Café in Elafotopos, Zagori – “ΚΑΦΕΝΕΙΟΝ ΣΥΝΑΝΤΗΣΙΣ”

Traditional Café in Elafotopos, Zagori - "Καφενείον Συνάντησις"

A really small traditional Café, or else kafeneion as cafes are called in Greece, that had been eluding my radar for quite a while, that has little to offer in terms of goods but a lot in terms of “experience”. Greek coffee, tsipouro, boiled cauliflower…

Two tsipouro distillations in one day!

Two tsipouro distillations in one day!

I. The learned version: empirical knowledge gathered from fathers & grandfathers mated to the modern theories The official government seal that grants permission to the owner of the still to distill tsipouro for a few precious days every year! Emptying the still from the remaining grapes…

Trachana { Frumenty }

Traditional Trachana { Frumenty }, Zagori, Ioannina, Greece

Trahana is part of the culinary scene in the hoseholds of the Zagori region. It is a centurie’s old traditional food made every year by the women of the Zagori but also of Greece in general. Nowadays it can be readily found in the supermarkets…

Vine harvesting in Zitsa, Ioannina

Vine harvesting in Zitsa, Ioannina

Only 35′ away from Central Zagori is the wine zone of Zitsa where it is almost vine harvesting time and the area has a couple of very interesting Vineyards: Domain Glinavos & Zoinos Winery. They are both open to visitors but please call them for…

It is the season for tsipouro in Zagoria

Making tsipouro the traditional way in Zagori, Epirus, Greece, with good friends, music, grilled sheep and homemade cheese

Making tsipouro in Zagori using the traditional method of steam distillation, with the company of good friends, traditional Epirotic music (local music from Epirus), … grilled sheep and homemade cheese. Tsipouro (Greek: τσίπουρο), a pomace brandy from Greece that comes in two types: pure and…

Cleaning the kilims in a fulling mill

Kilim drying after being through a fulling mill for cleaning in the Zagori region, Pindus, Greece

Every year when the weather gets warmer and the rain stops, sort of that is, we take the kilims to the “fulling mill” to get them cleaned and revived. There are a couple in Kalpaki town, only a few kilometres from Central Zagori in…

Museums in the region of Zagori

Museums in the region of Zagori

Agapios Tolis Folklore Museum Telephone: +30 26530 71826 On display are entire traditional kitchen sets as well as traditional furniture, tools, clothing and jewellery and traditional costumes of the Zagori region from previous centuries. In total over 40.000 exhibits were collected by the founder…

Xmas in Zagori

Christmas and New Year in Zagori, Greece

Some pictures from last year’s Christmas and New Year’s holidays in an old traditional house somewhere in the Zagori region in Epirus, Greece.

Traditional Easter

Traditional Orthodox Easter in Northern Greece

No matter what your religious background, observing the Orthodox Easter in the Zagori villages is a colourful experience that touches all your senses. An experience that will stay with you for ever. For the Greeks Easter is the most important of all religious holidays…

Mushrooms and religion

Fresh Amanita Caesarea in a forest in the Zagori area in Ioannina

ROBERT GRAVES: MUSHROOMS AND RELIGION The profound importance of mushrooms in primitive religion had remained undetected until some twenty years ago, when Mr. R. Gordon Wasson, an American banker, and his Russian-born wife Valentina first called attention to it. The new science of ethnomycology,…