Elafotopos or Tservari village

Aerial photographs of Elafotopos village

Dilopho village from above …

Aerial photographs of Dilopho village

Monodendri village & Agia Paraskeue monastery

Aerial photographs of Monodendri village & Agia Paraskeue monastery

Photographs of Zagori and Vikos-Aoos National park by Costas Zissis

Costas Zissis is a Zagori born photographer who has been documenting the nature of the region for many decades. He knows the area like no other photographer!! Following are some of his photographs shot at different seasons of the year covering the whole region, from the…

Snow covered roofs

Snow covered church in Kato Pedina traditional stone village in the Zagori region in Greece

Snow in these parts of Greece during winter months is quite often but occasionally it may snow a bit more than normal as some pictures below may suggest. Temperatures in the Zagori region of Epirus, at the National Park of Vikos-Aoos, may drop, not…

The villages of Zagori

Welcome to Naturally Zagori in Epirus, Greece

Zagorochoria A cluster of 48 traditional picturesque villages, built amphitheatrically in the wider area of Timfi, Pindos and Mitiskeli (Zagori region). Zagori’s natural environment is exquisite and perfect for many outdoor activities. The local architecture is defined by stone, wood and slate rock. The…