Cichorium intybus – Asteraceae

Cichorium intybus - Asteraceae - Zagori, Greece

Greek: αγριοράδικο, πικροράδικο, πικραλίδα

Cichorium intybus, is a somewhat woody, perennial herbaceous plant usually with bright blue flowers, rarely white or pink.
Cichorium intybus has a long tradition of use globally. Historically, chicory was grown by the ancient Egyptians as a medicinal plant, coffee substitute, and vegetable crop and was occasionally used for animal forage. This multipurpose plant contains high amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and mineral elements.

The leaves are an ingredient of the Greek cuisine of horta-herbes (χόρτα) and although bitter they are collected zealously in the Zagori region in Ioannina and eaten as salad.