Foliage in the mountains of Zagori

A red crabapple leaf under the blue skies of Zagori in fall 2013
The melting of hues from green, to yellow, to burnt orange and reds begins as early as mid-October in the region of Central Zagori in Epirus.
The actual process of change in the forests of Zagori begins in October and as the warm weather wanes the broad leaved trees begin preparing for autumn in the National Park of Vikos-Aoos. Nature marches out with much fanfare, trumpeting the bright oranges and yellows of acers, the purples of white ash, the scarlet of cornus mas bushes and crabapple trees, and the rich browns of oak. Mixed in are the deep greens of pines and other conifers.

Few sights satisfy the soul like the brilliant colours splashed across Zagori’s forests each autumn.
The Zagori foliage season is coming to a close in a couple of weeks, depending on the weather conditions, with a beautiful swash of color throughout the forests of Central Zagori.

View the tapestry of colour in the photographs below or even better, visit Zagori during fall season…