Crossing Vikos gorge on a sunny spring day!

Crossing Vikos gorge on a sunny spring day!

Vikos Gorge is listed in Guinness Book of Records 1997 as the deepest canyon with respect to it's width in the worldWith Georgia ( as our expert guide in Vikos-Aoos Geopark, the crossing of the gorge was more than a walk. It was a trip back to time! Quite back actually, when ice ruled the area!

Some literature regarding the Geopark (source: European Geoparks Network):

Vikos- Aoos Geopark is one of the four Greek Geoparks and was delighted to become a member of the European and Global Geopark Networks in 2010. It is located in the region of Epirus, Ioannina, NW Greece.


It occupies the NW part of the Pindus Mountain Range and is characterized by a high rugged relief and an impressive landscape. It also includes Mt. Smolikas (alt. 2637m) the second highest mountain in Greece and Mt. Tymfi (alt. 2497m) with the two spectacular gorges of Vikos and Aoos.


The Geopark covers an area of 1,200 km² and the 9,500 inhabitants reside in 61 settlements in the municipalities of Zagori and Konitsa. The territory contains several traditional settlements and monuments dating back to the 14th – 19th century including monasteries, schools, churches, chapels and arched stone bridges.

Vikos-Aoos gorge from Ag. Paraskevi viewpoint in Monodendri

Walking along the O3 path in Vikos canyon

An "exotic" corner long the trek in Vikos canyon

This part of the path is made of rocks that have fallen from the sides of Vikos canyon

Sign pointing to the springs of Voidomatis river and Papigo village. Voidomatis is one of the clearest rivers in Greece & Europe

Astraka peak of Mt. Tymfi overlooking Vikos gorge
Vikos gorge as seen from the village Vikos. The springs of Voidomatis river and the nearby chapel of Virgin Mary can be seen at the bottom of the image