Honey with an… altitude

Honey, royal jelly, propolis from the Zagori mountainous region in Greece
Manolis Diamantopoulos honey producer in ZagoriLocal honey producer Manolis Diamantopoulos makes his honey at an altitude of 900m. He keeps his beehives in a meadow bythe village Dilopho in the Zagori region in a forest where oak trees prevail.

The basic ingredients of his products are collected from the blossoming of wild flowers, herbes such as, menth (mint), wild spearmint, oregano, different forest trees and shrubs such as acacia, chestnut, maple, wild cherry trees that are very old, blueberries and honeydew from oak trees which dominate the region’s forests and give a distinctive dark color. Because of this rich flora the bee honey produced is highly nutritional and is high in minerals, trace elements, enzymes and antimicrobial properties.

Manolis “mountain” bees produce the following products: honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis.

Manolis Diamantopoulos

Dilopho village, Central Zagori
Ioannina, Epirus, Greece
Κ. 0030 6972 432812