Kanela and Garyfallo Restaurant

Kanela and Garyfallo, a unique restaurant with cozy, romantic atmosphere specializing in Gourmet Mushrooms (more than 20different wild mushrooms) in Zagori, Epirus, Greece

Kanela and Garyfallo Restaurant, a mushroom heaven in Vitsa village Central Zagori

The chef of Kanela and Garyfallo holding boleti mushrooms from the region of ZagoriA gastronomic stop in Vitsa village in Central Zagori, Epirus, where you can taste dishes made from at least 20 different type of wild locally collected mushrooms but also home grown ones. Additional to the mushroom delicacies the menu offers other vegetarian and meat dishes from local producers.
Traditional is blended with contemporary, local with world in this beautifull corner of Greece. Gourmet in one word.

To accompany the dishes a list of about 40 labels of Greek wines from the best Greek vineyards from all over the country.

The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, intimate and calm as is the chef, Vassiles, who welcomes you in 4 languages, English, French, Spanish and of course Greek.

Tenderloin steak with shiitake mushroom dressing in Kanela and Garyfallo Restaurant, Vitsa, Zagori, Ioannina, Greece

The restaurant is mentioned by Panos Deligiannis, a known Greek connoisseur at Food & Leasure Guide: “Kanela and Garyfallo in Bitsa village is host to one of the best taverns-restaurants in the region … Well executed, exuberant cuisine with earthly flavours”.

Also, Huffington Post wrote about the broader region of Zagorohoria and didn’t forget to mention “Kanela kai Garyfallo”.

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