Trekking guide in Zagori Epirus

An early morning in the National Park of Valia Calda in Grevena, Greece


is a local guide with over 10 years of experience who has worked with big trekking companies, such as Trekking Hellas, guiding trekking and rafting groups through the trails and rivers of the vast area of Pindos and the Zagori region.

He is also a certified guide for rafting, canyoning and spelaeology, and a snow-shoe guide (snow rackets) during winter.

Mobile (cellphone): 0030 6972 432812

A salamander, one of approximately 550 extant species of amphibians within the order Caudata. They are typically characterized by a superficially lizard-like appearance, with slender bodies, short noses, and long tails. When it rains in the mountains of Epirus, Greece they appear out of nowhere everywhere!

… a curious salamander

Discover a diverse mosaic of forest types, breathtaking landscapes, over 1000 species of plants, herbs, trees, some of them endemic to the area.

Encounter a large variety of wild animals such as the brown bear, the wolf, the lynx, the jackal to name a few, crystal clear alpine lakes (Drakolimne) and rivers (Voidomates, Aoos) and some of the most beautiful traditional villages of Greece, with houses made of stone, located in Zagori. Double and triple arched stone bridges (Kokkorou, Arkouda), as old as 1000 years, will leave you spellbound.