Restoring an old wood stove

NORMA 20th century cast iron wood stoves, Greece

The stove was discovered in 2009 on the island of Tenos in the Cyclades in the garbage where it’s second owner disposed of it. It was originally bought and used by it’s first owner in Konitsa, Epirus, who moved it to Athens in the mid-1950s to his shop in the centre of the city.

When the shop closed in the 1970s the stove was offered as a gift to the second owner, who worked there, and who then used it for a while before storing it in his house in Tenos.
In 2009 the stove found it’s third owner who restored it for his house in the Zagori area of Epirus where winters are very cold and stars are bright…

The flue damper control ("K" is for closed and "A" is for open in Greek) of the wood stove made by NORMA

The wood stove has both primary and secondary air control as well as an ashtray beneath the grate and shaker handle. It can be fed with wood from the front or the top.
A flue damper is integrated within the stove to regulate the rate of wood that is burning. All this from a stove made in the 1930’s!

Following are some photographs of the restoration process.


NORMA, a cast iron wood stove made in the 1930's by an extinct manufacturer of exquisite products in Greece


Enamel flue in place, colour coded with the wood stove