Rokka, agrotourism in the Zagori

Rokka, agrotourism in the Zagori

The fireplace is always lit in Rokka guesthouse and agrotourism in the Zagori regionRokka is an agrotourism guesthouse in Elafotopos village, Zagorochoria. It lays on Mt. Stouros at an altitude of 1.100m and has a commanding view of the valley of Soudena in central Zagori.

The daily routine in Rokka includes the making of frumenty (trachana), cheese, fresh butter, yogurt, fresh pasta, collecting lentils and chickpeas from the family farm, baking bread, milking the sheep (400 of them…) and so much more. All seasonal activities and closely related to the land and it’s peoples’ traditions.Welcome to Rokka Guesthouse in the Zagorochoria, GreeceTo make things more interesting Lena will introduce you to weaving and hand felting, an activity she has been practising for the past 12 years.

And as the owners, Lena, Lakis and Kostas simply say (and live by):

Rokka is our house that we keep open to you in the traditional Greek way of the Zagori region. In Rokka we share with you our every moment and daily “routine” year round!

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Rokka Guest House from NATURALLY ZAGORI on Vimeo.