Traditional Greek sourdough bread

Traditional Greek sourdough starter & bread lessons

There is nothing that makes a house a home more than the smell of freshly baked bread. Most commercial bread offering doesn’t even come close to being as good as the loaf you bake at home using sourdough starter

Learn the basics of sourdough baking thoroughly. Learn how to make a sourdough loaf, how to keep a healthy sourdough starter, why the type of flour you use makes a difference to your loaf and how to modify your recipe to make bread rolls, pizza base, and other types of bread.

When the dough is ready you will bake it in either a wood fired stove (Ironheart ESSE) or a 150 year old traditional stone oven depending on the time of year, and perhaps you will enjoy the freshly baked bread with some homemade cheese or local delicacies accompanied with some wine or tsipouro (distillation of wine)!

You can find the traditional sourdough bread recipe like we make it in our home here.

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Sourdough bread