Traditional loom seminars

Loom classes in the… mountains

Weaving with a loom is pure fun. It’s creative, relaxing, and very rewarding. When you weave, you bring together different yarns and fabrics and unify them in a single, unique artifact. You can make clothes, accessories, home decor in fibers from plain to fancy

The weaving lessons are designed for both beginners and for those weavers who wish to refresh their warping and weaving skills.  It focuses on providing the student with a good solid background in making a warp, dressing a loom and in weaving a wool throw.  Multiple warping will be covered as well as dressing the loom from back to front.  The proper use of throwing the shuttle, calculating the correct yardage, setting a tenterhook and maintaining an even beat will be emphasized as well as the proper finishing of the woven piece.   You will learn how to use different fibers and colors in one project, and a range of finishing techniques with trims and fringes.

The class is taught on a century old looms,  but all the techniques may be easily transferred to contemporary looms.

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Handmade rug weaved on the loom