Vikos–Aoos National Forest & Geopark

Voidomatis river running through the Gorge of Vikos in the National Park of Vikos-Aoos in Greece

Vikos–Aoös National Park (Greek: Εθνικός Δρυμός Βίκου–Αώου Ethnikós Drymós Víkou–Aóou) is a national park in the region of Epirus in northwestern Greece and one of four Greek UNESCO Geoparks. It became a member of the European and Global Geopark Networks in 2010. The park, founded…

A salamander on the run …

Alexander the Great!

Some amazing images of Zagori and the National Park of Vikos-Aoos and the UNESCO Geopark from photographer Alexandros Malapetsas

Some amazing images from the eyes of photographer Alexandros Malapetsas who just arrived in the area full of inspiration as can be seen in the following photos!

Stala, a drop of beer

In the small space of the brewery three young people, Zoe, Thanassis and Alexandros, are producing three fresh, unpasteurized and double fermented Ales: Pale Ale, Strong Ale and ROUSA the Irish red Ale.

A visit to Epirus Brewery, an artisan beer brewery in Rodotopi village close to Ioannina city and less than 25′ from Zagori. The name of the company is “Stala”, meaning “a drop”, but what a drop! In the small space of the brewery three…

Hotel Apeiros Chora

Apeiros Chora Hotel | Zagori Region, Epirus, Greece

Seven rooms for your accommodation, each in a different colour depending on your… mood, a winter living room, a summer room, a wine bar, a TV and game room, a hamam and jacuzzi for your relaxation, are all there to enhance your experience of Greek…

Skaros, a traditional Greek folklore song from Epirus that is a hymn to nature

The song “Skaros” is one the few examples in Greek folklore music where through mimicking the sounds of nature, the “soul” of the Epirotic pastoral landscape is condensed and reconstituted through this unique and exemplary music. What “Skaros” song describes so eloquently and emotionally is…

Basiles Ketas Winery in Lampsista

Basiles Ketas Winery in Lampsista

Certified Biological wines from Zitsa area A visit to the winery of Basiles Ketas in Lampsista, 15′ away from central Zagori, right after the harvesting of the wine grapes from his vineyards in Zitsa. Stay posted, more about this winery soon!

About wild mushrooms. A gathering at Anemi Guesthouse in Kato Pedina

About wild mushrooms. A gathering at Anemi Guesthouse in Kato Pedina

A beautiful day at Anemi Cottage Inn dedicated to wild mushrooms with mushroom expert, among other… tasty things, Basilis Paparounas. Everything from collecting, drying, storing and cooking wild mushrooms was discussed. After the discussion, various dishes such as wild mushroom pies, tzatziki with amanita caesarea, pasta with assorted…

Rokka, agrotourism in the Zagori

Rokka, agrotourism in the Zagori

Rokka is an agrotourism guesthouse in Elafotopos village, Zagorochoria. It lays on Mt. Stouros at an altitude of 1.100m and has a commanding view of the valley of Soudena in central Zagori. The daily routine in Rokka includes the making of frumenty (trachana), cheese, fresh butter, yogurt,…

Two tsipouro distillations in one day!

Two tsipouro distillations in one day!

I. The learned version: empirical knowledge gathered from fathers & grandfathers mated to the modern theories The official government seal that grants permission to the owner of the still to distill tsipouro for a few precious days every year! Emptying the still from the remaining grapes…