Vikos–Aoos National Forest & Geopark

Voidomatis river running through the Gorge of Vikos in the National Park of Vikos-Aoos in Greece

Vikos–Aoös National Park (Greek: Εθνικός Δρυμός Βίκου–Αώου Ethnikós Drymós Víkou–Aóou) is a national park in the region of Epirus in northwestern Greece and one of four Greek UNESCO Geoparks. It became a member of the European and Global Geopark Networks in 2010. The park, founded…

Trekking expedition in Zagori

Trekking expedition in Zagori

Trekking expedition 1-8 August, 2014 Get to know the the Zagori region and Mt. Tymfi in Pindus, Epirus. Walk through the unique landscape of the National Park of Vikos – Aoos through the old stone treks and paths of Zagori and the broader mountain range…

Hiking in Tymphe (Tymfi) Mt., Greece

Drakolimni lake at Mt. Tymphe in Vikos-Aoos National Park in Greece

One of the most popular hiking destinations of Greece is Mt. Tymphe (Tymfi) which is located in the region of Zagori, in the National Park of Vikos-Aoos in Epirus. Its slopes are covered by cedar, beech and oak forests at lower altitudes and pines…

Plants of Pindus

Melissa officinalis or Lemon balm

The nature in Greece is of great diversity. There are more than 6,000 plant species recorded, many of which are endemic mostly due to the isolation of the numerous mountains and islands. The mountainous area of the two National Parks, Vikos-Aoos and Valia Calda (or Pindus…

Why go trekking in Zagori Greece?

Old cobble path in the Zagori region, Northern Greece

* The diverse mosaic of forest types, the breathtaking landscapes, the more than 1000 species of plants, herbs, trees, some of them endemic to the area * You will encounter a large variety of wild animals such as the brown bear, the wolf, the…

Snow covered roofs

Snow covered church in Kato Pedina traditional stone village in the Zagori region in Greece

Snow in these parts of Greece during winter months is quite often but occasionally it may snow a bit more than normal as some pictures below may suggest. Temperatures in the Zagori region of Epirus, at the National Park of Vikos-Aoos, may drop, not…

Zagorochoria villages

Snow covered roofs in a traditional stone village in the Zagori region, Greece

Zagorochoria A cluster of 48 traditional picturesque villages, built amphitheatrically in the wider area of Timfi (Tymphe), Pindos (Pindus) and Mitsikeli (Zagori region). Zagori’s natural environment is exquisite and perfect for many outdoor activities. The local architecture is defined by stone, wood and slate…

Welcome to Naturally Zagori

Welcome to Naturally Zagori in Epirus, Greece

… a website about the unique area of the Zagori area and the National Parks of Vikos-Aoos & Valia Calda. Here you will find information about the nature, architecture, local customs, happenings, sports activities, culinary events and much more. Stay tuned for more, the…

Snow rackets

Snowshoeing in Pindus mountains in North Western Greece

Snowshoeing in the snow white treks of the National Park of Valia Calda & Vikos-Aoos in winter Greece. Get to know the other side of Greece with the assured guidance of the certified trek guide Manolis Diamantopoulos for a unique experience. A snow racket…

Pindus National Forest

Flega lakes in Valia Calda, Pindus

Pindus National Forest (Greek: Εθνικός Δρυμός Πίνδου Ethnikós Drymós Píndou), also known as Valia-Kalda, is a national park in mainland Greece, situated in an isolated mountainous area at the periphery of West Macedonia and Epirus, in the northeastern part of the Pindus mountain range….