Traditional loom-felt lessons in Greece

Learn to use a traditional loom to weave cloth. The basic purpose of any loom is to hold the warp threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads. Seminars in the Zagoria region in Greece

Creative loom and felt seminars by Lena in the Zagoria Region in Greece

Handmade creations & Loom – felt seminars in Zagorochoria, Greece

The art of making felt | Seminars in GreeceAccording to the Greek myths Athena and Arachne had a weaving contest. Arachne claimed to be a better weaver than Athena and thus infuriated her. Not only did she boast of her achievements but in her weaved textile she illustrated Zeus, Athena’s father, in his love affairs.
Athena tore the textile to shreds and Arachne hung herself. Athena, in an act of mercy, transformed the rope into a web and Arachne into a spider. So, Arachne would continue to weave but would no longer be a threat to Athena’s eminence.

Weaving is done by intersecting the longitudinal threads, the warp, i.e. “that which is thrown across”, with the transverse threads, the weft, i.e. “that which is woven”.

The major components of the loom are the:

  • warp beam
  • heddles
  • harnesses or shafts (as few as two, four is common, sixteen not unheard of)
  • shuttle
  • reed and takeup roll

In the loom, yarn processing includes shedding, picking, battening and taking-up operations. These are the principal motions.

For a seminar in loom weaving and artistic felt creation you can visit Lena that will teach you her art in the ideal and inspirational environment  of the traditional stone villages of the Zagoria Region, in the Eco Region of Pindus in Northern Greece.

Loom seminars in Pindus, Northern Greece


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