Traditional Zagori pies

Traditional pies in the Zagori region of Epirus, Greece

More than what meets the eye… the best traditional pies around the region of the Zagorochoria at “Takis” coffee stop in Aspraggeloi valley!

Choose among the traditional pies from chicken pie, meat pie or wild herb pieOn your way to central Zagori as you drive from Ioannina city and just before the village of Aspraggeloi on the main road that crosses the valley of Aspraggeloi, there is a small coffee shop on your right that makes one of the best pies in the Zagori region here in Epirus, Greece.
They are made in the traditional way by Stathoula the mother of the owner Demetrios or “Takis” as the locals call him. You can either enjoy them on the spot next to the warmth of the wooden stove during winter season or outside the shop when the weather permits or take them with you to enjoy elsewhere…

Choose among the chicken pie, meat pie or wild herb pie.

Takis is also a long distance runner that has participated in many marathons and mountain running competitions. So he is the best man to ask about the treks – hikes around the area should you decide to burn the pie calories!

For more information about pies and… running or hiking call at +30 26530 22550 and ask for Papapostolou Demetrios (Takis)

Geographic details:

“Takis” coffee stop
altitude: 950m
latitude: 39°49’58.67″N
longtitude: 20°43’5.55″E