Wildflower photos

Wild flowers of Pindos Mt. range in Greece

Greece constitutes the lower edge of the Balkan Peninsula and is characterized both by its mountainous relief and its multitude of islands. Its modern form evolved over the last 10 million years with the sinking of some parts of Aegaeis and the uplifting of others as a result of alpine upheavals (orogenesis). The multitude of large mountain massifs formed, together with the position of Greece abutting continents which are completely different in their flora, explains the richness and variety of the Greek flora as well as its high percentage of endemism.

The influences of the neighbouring continents have led to its enrichment with a number of species, many of which are only met in Greece out of the whole of Europe. On the other hand, the isolated biotopes in the mountains, as well as on the islands, function as bioreserves with the result that many ancient endemic species have been preserved and new ones created, completely adapted to their environment.
These endemic plants find refuge in the safety of the gorges and mountains of the National Parks of Vikos-Aoos and Valia Calda, where the presence of man is reduced or is at a minimal. Pindos mountain range with the gorge of Vikos offers home to many of the wildflowers found in Greece. Rare and unique varieties which, combined with the wonderful walking paths (treks) they offer, define Greece as the botanical paradise of Europe.

Enjoy the large expanses of purple crocus, the Alpine yellow composite wildflowers, the wild purple crocus flowers that emerge from snow in May in alpine areas of the Tymphe Massif, in the north Pindos Mountains (Pindus or Pindhos), around Zagoria region in Epirus in Greece.

Find the local flower types which are considered endemic, such as Dianthus deltoides and Allium breviradum, or the Crocus chrysanthus
Crocus veluchensis, Ciclamen hederifolium, Cephalanthera rumba, Narcissus poeticus, Tulipa australis, Gentiana verna, Semprevivum marmoreum, Saxifraga spruneri and much more.

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