Wild flowers of Pindus

Wild flowers in Pindos National Park and Vikos-Aoos

Greece has a rich flora comprising of almost 6,000 different species due to its  terrain which includes a multitude of high mountains and hundreds of kilometres of coastline. Considering the fact that it covers an area of only 132,000 square kilometers, the density and diversity of flora is one of the highest in Europe.

About 15% of these species are endemic and often find refuge in the safety of the gorges and mountains, where the presence of man is reduced or is at a minimal. Pindos mountain range with the gorge of Vikos offers home to most of the wild flowers found in Greece. Rare and unique varieties which, combined with the wonderful walking paths (treks) they offer, define Greece as the botanical paradise of Europe.

Following are some of the numerous wild flowers that can be found in the region of the two National Parks (Vikos-Aoos and Valia Calda) in Greece:


Lilium candidum
Lilium chalcedonicum
Lilium heldraichi
Lilium albanicum
Lilium martagon

Of special interest to the visitors

Crocus chrysanthus
Crocus veluchensis
Ciclamen hederifolium
Cephalanthera rumba
Narcissus poeticus
Tulipa australis
Gentiana verna
Semprevivum marmoreum
Saxifraga spruneri


Orchis mascula
Orchis pallens
Orchis ustulata
Orchis coriophora
Orchis laxiflora
Orchis provincialis
Orchis pauciflora
Orchis papilionacea
Orchis quadripunctata
Orchis morio
Orchis tridentata
Orchis purpurea
Orcis italica
Orchis simia
Orchis pyramidalis
Dactylorhiza saccifera
dactylorhiza sabucina
Dactylorhiza kalopissii
Dactylorhiza baumanniana
Leucorchis frivaldii
Cephalanthera rubra
Cephalanthera damasonium
Corallorhiza trifida
Epipactis helleborine
Epipactis persica
Epipactis microphylla
Limodorum abortivum
Listera ovata
Neotia nidus-avis
Platanthera chlorantha
Gymnadenia conopsea
Himantoglossum caprinum
Serapias vomeracea
Ophrys lutea
Ophrys apifera
Ophrys insectifera
Ophrys reinholdii
Ophrys scolopax
Ophrys sphegodes
Ophrys helenae
Ophrys mammosa