Welcome to Zagori,

An area of great natural beauty laying under the imposing snow-capped Mt Tymphe, with striking geology and two National Parks, one including the river Aoos and the Vikos Gorge, also a Geopark, the other around Valia Calda.

There are 48 traditional picturesque villages, built amphitheatrically in the wider area of Tymphe, Pindos and Mitiskeli (Zagori region) and interconnected by scenic mountain roads and traditional arched stone bridges that pass over creeks and rivers.

Zagori’s natural environment is exquisite and perfect for many outdoor activities. The local vernacular architecture is defined by stone, wood and slate rock, all material located within the area.

The broader region of the two National Parks, that of Vikos-Aoos and that of Pindus (Valia Clada), with its diverse mosaic of forest types, breathtaking landscapes, 1000 species of plants, herbs, trees, fungi, some of them endemic to the area, is a unique experience all year round, one must experience to understand.

So, visit the area and discover the natural beauties of this place by yourself!