Stala, a drop of beer

In the small space of the brewery three young people, Zoe, Thanassis and Alexandros, are producing three fresh, unpasteurized and double fermented Ales: Pale Ale, Strong Ale and ROUSA the Irish red Ale.

A visit to Epirus Brewery, an artisan beer brewery in Rodotopi village close to Ioannina city and less than 25′ from Zagori. The name of the company is “Stala”, meaning “a drop”, but what a drop! In the small space of the brewery three…

The first colours of spring

The first colours of spring in Zagorochoria region

Wild strawberry flowers have made their appearance in the forest beds of the oak woods in Zagori.

Skaros, a traditional Greek folklore song from Epirus that is a hymn to nature

The song “Skaros” is one the few examples in Greek folklore music where through mimicking the sounds of nature, the “soul” of the Epirotic pastoral landscape is condensed and reconstituted through this unique and exemplary music. What “Skaros” song describes so eloquently and emotionally is…

Snow covers Zagori

These photographs were taken during the morning of January the 11th, 2017.

Winter pastel colours in Zagori

Winter pastel colours in Zagori

Just before sunset, with the temperature around -2°C and dropping rapidly, the colours on Mt. Tymphe and the sky presented a spectacular view! P.S. No photoshop done on image!

The owl has landed …

First day with the wood stove lit as the temperature drops to usual autumn levels …

Today’s colour in Zagori is red!

Today's colour in Zagori is red!

It is the beginning of October and foliage is on it’s way. Some hints are these red forest fruit and leaves. Crabapples   Rosa canina or dog roses   Crataegus or Howthorn Unknown (to me) red wild mushroom

About wild mushrooms. A gathering at Anemi Guesthouse in Kato Pedina

About wild mushrooms. A gathering at Anemi Guesthouse in Kato Pedina

A beautiful day at Anemi Cottage Inn dedicated to wild mushrooms with mushroom expert, among other… tasty things, Basilis Paparounas. Everything from collecting, drying, storing and cooking wild mushrooms was discussed. After the discussion, various dishes such as wild mushroom pies, tzatziki with amanita caesarea, pasta with assorted…

Boletus portraits

Boletus portraits, Zagori, Greece

Autumn is the best season for hunting and taking photos of boletus mushrooms in the National Park of Pindus around Zagori. They come in different shapes, colours and sizes and no two are the same…

The art of stonemasonry in another dimension

Τhe art of stonemasonry in a another dimension

ABOUT THE ARTIST Andreas Tefos was born in a family of stonemasons in Konitsa, a border town of northern Greece, that is renowned throughout the country for it’s masons. He worked every summer since he was 13 along with his father and fellow stonemasons and…